Foraged with love 

"Well first let me start off by saying thank you! Everything i’ve tried has been lovely. The scents of the soaps are so refreshing and pleasant (i’ve actually put one on a shelf in my room cause it smells so good lol). 
It’s helped with my spots on my shoulders and back. I have been recommending your product & will continue to! Thank you again" - Nadia k 

"The soaps from Black Bird Mushrooms are absolutely amazing!! They leave you feeling clean and fresh without feeling dried out. Their smells are an absolute delight. I just need to walk into my bathroom and catch the wonderful scent. They are very long lasting compared to other soaps I've used, so you definitely get your money's worth. Using these soaps is such a great way to lift my spirits and leave any negativity of the day behind me. 10/10 would buy these soaps again for myself, and all my family and friends!!! Thank you Black Bird Mushrooms!"
Charlie D.

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the bars of soap lovingly handmade by the team at Black Bird Mushrooms. My favourite is the “Amaretto by Morning” bar- it lathers well and left my sensitive skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturized!
Each of the bars that I’ve tried out have smelled amazing and left behind a light scent on the skin, which is perfect in a household where others are sensitive to smell. I would recommend these bars to others desiring soft, moisturized, and healthy skin."  - Allison M.

"This Chaga has helped with balancing my hormones while helping calm inflammation & of course boost my natural immunity. I love drinking this tea on the daily & can't imagine going a day without. Thank you Black Bird Mushrooms!" - Frankie D.

"Great taste, better than all the others" - Ross B.

"As a Massage Practitioner, I am serving public health through providing safe space & touch for all different walks of life. I recommend my clients drink Chaga to help with certain inflammation issues found in the body. Clients have brought feedback that this super-mushroom has helped ease the chronic pain in their bodies. For me personally, Chaga helps keep my skin issues at bay. I have experienced eczema (chronic dry, itchy skin), and while drinking Chaga daily, I no longer expereicne flair ups. Being an advocate for health, I would 100% recommend our Chaga" - Brittany M.